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Do you get the most out of Social Recruiting?

Social Talent Acquisition: The Next Generation of Social Recruiting

You have Talent Communities and active Facebook Career pages. You use LinkedIn Recruiter every day, and your recruiting team lives in your Applicant Tracking System.  You’ve been tweeting job postings, and running recruitment marketing campaigns across all of your employer branded social networks.  That’s only the beginning.  

Social Talent Acquisition extends your Social Recruiting efforts by enabling individual recruiters and employee ambassadors to carry your employer branding story to their vibrant and larger combined social networks – and grow them exponentially.  It enables you to tap into and convert an entirely new and qualified pool of passive candidates, and directly tie social media activity to business outcomes.  And, it gives you deep analytics that paint a very clear picture of how successful you are with an ROI you can rely on. 

QUEsocial™. A dynamic Social Talent Acquisition platform that makes it easy, measurable and sustainable for recruiters and employee ambassadors to reach, engage and convert quality talent.

"QUEsocial belongs in every recruiter's tool kit."

- Human Resource Executive Magazine

"QUEsocial is recruitment on steroids delivered in a way that
makes it super easy for the users to share content with their tribes."

- Tim Sackett, HRU Technical Resources

98% Sustained Recruiter Adoption

QUEsocial Metric #17

8% Average Network Growth/Monthly

QUEsocial Metric #5
QUEsocial in Action

QUEsocial uniquely blends employer branding content distribution, gamification and analytics into a super simple, scalable and sustainable platform.

We make recruiters and employee ambassadors successful by giving them everything they need to convert social media into an effective and efficient talent acquisition channel.  We deliver employer branding content to their fingertips for one-touch sharing via email or SMS.  We provide challenges and incentives to grow and convert their social networks.  And, we tie social media activity directly to business outcomes.  

Oh, and you can achieve 5-10x ROI.

8% Average Network Growth/Monthly

QUEsocial Metric #5

98% Sustained Recruiter Adoption

QUEsocial Metric #17

Net Promoter Score = 10

QUEsocial Metric #27

$0.80 Avg Cost-per-Click

QUEsocial Metric #25

175 Automated Game Challenges

QUEsocial Metric #8
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