About Us

QUEsocial™ is a different kind of company. We are forward-leaning, customer-focused and innovation driven. We believe companies have an extraordinary opportunity to harness social media as a rich and vibrant channel to engage with their “Talent of Tomorrow,” and we are passionate about making it a reality.  With QUEsocial, it’s an easy, measurable and sustainable reality.  

QUEsocial is a leading Social Talent Acquisition solution that uniquely blends content distribution to employee fingertips for one-touch sharing, gamification, and analytics into a scalable, easy-to-use SaaS platform. We make it easy, measurable and sustainable for recruiters and employee ambassadors to reach, engage and convert quality talent by harnessing the power and reach of individual social networks.  

Our powerful analytics directly tie Social Talent Acquisition activities to measurable business outcomes – including more passive candidates, improved quality of hire, new hires, lower cost per hire and higher returns on employer brand content marketing. 

Simply stated, we make Social Talent Acquisition an effective reality.

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