How is QUEsocial implemented?

QUEsocial is a flexible SaaS platform that is easy to turn on, scale and customize, and provides an efficient way to align your entire organization’s social business efforts. Because QUE is a SaaS solution, the basic platform requires no implementation.

QUEsocial is developed with open APIs to make it easy to integrate with existing technology infrastructure, including CRM, LMS, CMS, ATS and other enterprise software.


What much does QUEsocial implementation cost?

The standard implementation cost is $5,000. We need to pay our tech guys and gals for customizing databases and user profiles, but once that’s done you’re ready to go!  If we need to customize for your needs, we will provide you with a breakdown of what it will take.


How long before my team is up and running with QUEsocial?

We say the back-end work takes us about a week, but we work hard to beat that whenever possible.


What happens if my team grows or my company wants another department to use QUEsocial – will I need to pay for a second implementation?

Heck no. Once the initial implementation is done, we can scale from there. Not bad, eh?!