QUEsocial Content

What is the QUEsocial content offering?

As we like to say, networks are awesome, but it’s the content that will help drive engagement and lead to the results you’re looking to achieve in your social media channels.

The QUEsocial content library is dynamic so that users have access to relevant, compelling content curated specifically for their audiences.  Content can either be curated by you, or we can help.  The great news is that even if you decide to steer your own ship, we’ll give you our best practices content framework so you know what to curate or create and how often. We also have training modules that address content curation and sharing so you’re social media is covered.

QUE makes it easy for employees to share by delivering content literally to their fingertips through SMS or email, and sharable at the clink of a link.  In fact, all content in QUE is sharable, helping employees feed their network a steady stream of useful content while earning points and rewards.


What types of content are included through the QUEsocial platform?

When QUEsocial is tapped to curator or create content, you’re the boss.  Our Content Guide helps to define the type of content that will be most useful for your team, and most relevant for your audience.  Content can include articles, videos, pictures, research, surveys/infographics and marketing materials – just to name a few – all easily shared on your social media channels.


If I use QUE, can I also use my own content or content my company has created?

Absolutely.  Once you’re on QUE, the library is yours, so let’s pack it with the great thought leadership content your marketing team has created, and then let’s pepper it with company announcements and more traditional marketing collateral.

QUEsocial is developed with open APIs, so it can easily integrate with existing CMS, LMS or other content systems.


How do I know what to do with the content provided through QUEsocial?

You’re going to share, share, share. Of course, we’ll show you how through the training modules and if you’re interested, we offer community management services that provide ongoing support, encouragement and reminders.  Shoot us an email at info@quesocial.com to learn more about our social business and community management services.


How often is content in the QUEsocial library refreshed?

In social media, content is king.  That means content needs to be refreshed constantly.  With QUE, that means your employees will have easy access to a constant stream of sharable content.

And with QUEsocial, select content is delivered to user fingertips, so that even the busiest employees can share, grow their network and earn points.


How do I share content from the QUEsocial content library?

Quite simply, with a click. Really. When you see content you like, you click on the SHARE button, you’ll be asked to personalize the Tweet, for example, then hit send. Done and done.  And with fingertips delivery, QUE makes it easy to share from wherever you are – at your desk or on the go.