QUEsocial Gamification

What is the QUEsocial gamification offering?

Gamification (game mechanics, if you prefer) is really the engine that drives the QUEsocial platform. We’re not talking Farmville or Angry Birds – although that would be fun. We’re talking about applying game philosophy and people’s natural inclination toward competition to help keep users motivated.

Let’s face it, for many the move toward social business will be a change and some may perceive this change as extra work. The realities, of course, are that social media has ushered in a new way of doing things so we’re trying to make the shift toward this efficient and effective ‘new way’ more fun, interesting and habit-forming.

The QUE GameBook is designed to motivate employees through the social business adoption cycle, from set-up to social activity through to business impact.  While the QUE GameBook is part of our “secret sauce”, we can tell you it has four stages that align with each step of the adoption curve.  We can also tell you that there are 30 different levels within the Game, and the 175 challenges are designed to become more advanced as the player advances through the curve.  And all are aligned aligned with achieving business outcomes: more qualified leads, more candidates in the pipeline, better and quicker service. You get it…


Does gaming come with the QUEsocial platform?

It sure does. We can also customize games to suit your business, industry or corporate culture.


Are their rewards or incentives for playing in QUEsocial?

Absolutely.  What’s a game without prizes? We supply a rewards framework to QUE customers which outlines best practices for offering and delivering rewards. Our philosophy is that rewards don’t have to cost a thing, but every once and a while it’s nice to get a treat. For example, does your company have a lot of commuters? What would the big bosses’ parking spot for a week be worth? How about letting someone other than HR pick the flavor of next month’s office birthday cake? Rewards can be easy, sophisticated, free, creative and valuable. We’ve done most of the thinking, but you can chart your own course here too.


How often are the QUEsocial games refreshed?

The game are refreshed a couple of times a year. With 175 challenges, it takes a while to get through – which is the point.  But we want to keep things interesting, so we like to create new challenges and opportunities.