QUEsocial Training

What is QUEsocial e-learning?

We thought that the very first thing we needed do when designing QUEsocial was to make darn sure users are taught the in’s and out’s of social media, the differences and benefits of the leading platforms and how to apply these tools to their specific job function – sales, recruiting, customer support or product development.

To make this happen, we have developed a library of e-learning episodes that cover everything from the “101” basics to more advanced training on how to convert social media activity into business outcomes.  We include the entire learning library with every product package we offer. It’s that important that users’ feel confident with their social engagement – it’s what will drive success.


How is the e-learning delivered through QUEsocial?

All of the training modules are SCORM compliant, and available on-demand through the QUEsocial platform. We have designed the courses to be short, compelling actionable. Simply login to your QUE dashboard and launch the training of your choosing.


Did QUEsocial develop the training?

We did, along with a faculty of leading subject matter experts who are recognized for their experience, skill and thought leadership in using social media to drive sales, recruiting, customer service and product development.


What if the training available in QUE doesn’t meet my company’s needs?

The current e-learning episodes cover everything from basic Social Business 101 to more advanced training for Converting Social Business to Business Results.  However, we recognize every company has its own unique needs, and our e-learning team can be tapped to create custom training modules.