The Story of Lauren

QUEsocial™ is extremely easy to use – we call it “super simple” – with a focus on enabling recruiters and ambassadors to seamlessly and naturally incorporate social media into their every day work streams without disruption or distraction.  All the while achieving specific and measurable business outcomes.  

Take a look below at the typical QUEsocial day-in-the-life of Lauren, a recruiter…

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Lauren registers as a user, and reviews and accepts the company social media policy.  She chooses how she wants content to be delivered to her – SMS or email.

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Lauren completes a training module so she knows how to effectively grow her network, engage them, and leverage social media best practices.

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She receives “Company Approved” sharable employer branding content wherever she is – in a meeting, at lunch, in a taxi or at home.  

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Lauren can share “Company Approved” content with the simple touch of a link.

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She earns game points for her social activities and completed challenges – and receives recognition in the company leaderboard, and rewards for reaching new milestones.

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She can visit the platform for additional game challenges, sharable content and training.

Back to Step Three and repeat…

“QUEsocial has had a dramatic impact on growing the Sodexo employer brand, and has exponentially increased our recruiters' reach within LinkedIn. They are a strategic partner in helping us achieve our TA goals.” - Arie Ball, VP Talent Acquisition

Social Recruiting magnified and simplified

Social Talent Acquisition is equal parts employer branding and social recruiting. So, we extend the typical recruiting funnel to give you a comprehensive and granular view of how effective you are at converting social media into measurable business outcomes.  

You need tangible ROI for Social Recruiting. And, you want hard metrics you can count on.  QUEsocial directly ties social media activity that drives employer branding with recruiting outcomes you care about – referrals, quality passive candidates, interviews, and ultimately new hires. 

  • 50+ metrics 
  • 125 social activities
  • 175 game challenges
  • Reach
  • Engagement and interaction
  • Content sharing 
  • Content click-through
  • Content ROI
  • Conversion from contact to candidate
  • Response
  • Employer branding ROI
  • Social Recruiting ROI