Is QUE for you?

QUEsocial makes it easy for companies to harness the power and reach of employee social networks to improve social recruiting and employer branding.  

We fill a critical gap in employer branding, content marketing, social recruiting and employee engagement by going beyond job postings, recruiting tools and employer advertising to make social media an efficient yet powerful tool.

Employer branding: Ensure employees are accurately reflecting the brand in their social media activities.

Content marketing:  Extend the reach and effectiveness of content by reaching employee networks with one-touch social sharing.

Social recruiting: Enable recruiters to use social media effectively to grow their talent networks, drive referrals, shorten hiring cycle and measure success.

Employee engagement: Turn your most powerful resource into your most powerful advocates by making it easy, rewarding and fun for them to use social media in their every day work.



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QUEsocial has many applications:
  • Large, distributed workforce
  • Agent-based and franchise organizations
  • Mobilizing volunteers
  • Employer branding
  • Employee engagement
  • Employee ambassadors
  • Social recruiting
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Marketing agencies to amplify social campaigns
  • New to social business