Remarkably easy. Immediately measurable. Extraordinarily effective.  

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QUEsocial™ extends your employer brand reach by delivering content to recruiters and employee ambassadors via text or email for one-touch social sharing.  

No destinations to go fetch content.  No cutting and pasting.

We deliver employer branding content to employee fingertips.  They choose where they want to share it and voila, you’ve exponentially extended your employer brand into each of your recruiters' social networks.

  • Employer branding message consistency
  • Exponential reach into qualified networks
  • Easy and efficient content distribution 
  • Immediately measurable 
  • Increased traffic to career sites
  • Enhanced SEO
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QUEsocial applies game mechanics to drive specific social media behavior that results in specific talent acquisition outcomes. 

Our patent-pending game engine injects a fun, competitive flair with challenges that evolve from social media activity early in the game, to more business outcome-focused challenges as they progress through the game.  The leaderboard shows how users are doing versus their peers.  

It’s sticky, fun and focused.

Our training library ensures your team has the right skills to harness social media as an effective business channel.   If you have specific needs, training can be customized to share employer branding information, special regulatory guidelines or other important information. 

  • Increased employee engagement
  • Consistent best practices for social engagement 
  • Greater employer brand affinity
  • Sustained employee adoption
  • Employee compliance with corporate or regulatory policies
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The QUEsocial game engine is built upon our Social Business Adoption Curve, where game challenges move recruiters and employee ambassadors from business outcomes to business conversion.

Hey, it’s great you have 500 connections.  Now convert a LinkedIn Connection into a meeting, employee referral, addition to your CRM or new hire.  Or whatever business result you want.

  • Expand the talent pipeline with more quality candidates
  • More employee referrals with improved quality of hire 
  • Lower cost per hire over time
  • Shorter time to hire
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You need to know how well you are doing in social media. What’s working and what’s not? What content is most effective, and where?  Who’s effective, and who are absolute rock stars? And, the most important question: what is the value of your Social Talent Acquisition efforts? 

With more than 50 metrics that show you exactly how well you’re doing, QUEsocial directly ties social media activity with business outcomes to provide a hard, tangible ROI on Social Talent Acquisition.  

Tracking 125 social activities, 175 QUEsocial game challenges, employer branding content, network growth, and countless other metrics, the powerful QUEsocial analytics engine measures both employer branding and Social Recruiting to provide useful, actionable insights and analytics that give you a clear picture of the effectiveness, efficiency and value of your Social Talent Acquisition efforts.

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Amplify my employer brand…

Go beyond talent communities and social job postings by activating your recruiters and employee ambassadors to carry your employer brand story to their networks.

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Distribute and track content…

We never stop making it easy for your team to deliver employer branding content.  We track everything about the content we deliver – what’s shared, who shares it, where it’s shared, click throughs and much more.  

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Activate employer ambassadors…

We make it easy for your most powerful and authentic advocates to share all of the great things about your company.  They don’t even have to log in anywhere – we’ll deliver everything they need to be effective.  

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Find the right passive candidates…

People are typically connected to people like them. And good people know talented people.  By motivating recruiters and employee ambassadors to grow and cultivate their networks, you extend the reach of your employer brand to your targeted audiences, while driving referrals and identifying the right passive candidates.  

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Track Social Recruiting Activities and ROI…

With a powerful analytics engine tracking 350+ metric options, you have a clear picture of where your Social Talent Acquisition efforts are succeeding, who’s most effective, which content is working, where you have traction – and where you don’t.  And, most importantly, you know the value of your Social Talent Acquisition activities. 

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Ensure compliance and best practices…

Companies in regulated industries are concerned about the compliance aspects of social media.  With our customizable training library and embedded social media policy, we enable you to educate and certify each user so that best practices are consistently at work for you.

QUEsocial makes it easy for recruiters and employee ambassadors
to extend your employer brand.