What’s QUE?

QUEsocial operationalizes social media across the organization and makes it easy for companies to activate individual employees as brand ambassadors while converting social into a powerful, sustainable and measurable business tool. 

Ensures social recruiting is aligned with and extending the brand.

Saves time for recruiters to share relevant, sharable content with one-touch social sharing.

Drives specific behavior and business outcomes.

Scales across the organization to ensure consistency and compliance.

Connects social media activity with measurable business outcomes.


Content marketing delivered to recruiter fingertips.

Turn employees into brand ambassadors and content distributors with sharable social content delivered via SMS and email for easy, one-touch sharing.

  • Content pushed to SMS and email for one-click sharing
  • Expanded content library provides additional sharable resources
  • Track content effectiveness and ROI
  • Extends social marketing and brand awareness efforts





Motivate behavior and drive specific outcomes.

Shape behavior and direct outcomes with the QUEsocial gamification engine that converts social media activity into business results.

  • Drive sales growth and recruiting effectiveness with over 175 outcome-based challenges
  • Reward employee behavior with advanced social gaming methodology
  • Spike competition and activity with intuitive, multi-view leaderboard and progress barometer
  • Customize reward framework to drive and sustain social business adoption




Develop the right skills to use social media efficiently and effectively with QUEsocial’s e-learning library.

  • Teach employees how to develop and convert social media activity into sales, recruiting and other business outcomes
  • Customize e-learning for compliance, specific business needs and other unique requirements
  • Customize and brand content to drive messaging




Measurable Business Impact.

Track business ROI, employee performance and content effectiveness.

  • Connect social media activity to CRM, recruiting tools and ERP to achieve true social media ROI
  • Track overall and individual activity and progress
  • Easily spot trends, effective content, sharing patterns, and more to calibrate content strategy