Why QUE?

What company wouldn’t want their employees telling the brand story to their networks while achieving true business outcomes?

In one simple tool, companies can activate employees as advocates, ensure employees are aligned with the brand, expand their footprint into new networks, convert social media into sustainable business results, ensure compliance, and train employees on best practices.

“We have several objectives for our recruiting efforts that go beyond finding and hiring the right people, which includes being a human reflection of Sodexo as a great place to work. QUEsocial extends our current social recruiting capabilities and makes it easy, fun and rewarding for our team to become better brand ambassadors while converting social activity into real business outcomes.” Anthony Scarpino, Sodexo Sr Director of Talent Acquisition



Align employees with the brand as they use social media.

Ensure employees across the organization are up-to-speed on the latest skills, best practices, social media policy and marketing initiatives with cost-efficient e-learning that integrates into existing training programs. At the same time, increase mindshare and brand reach by delivering sharable social content to employees – wherever they are – that can easily be shared with their networks.

Extend social marketing and internal collaboration efforts by tapping into employee networks.

Amplify existing social marketing and internal networking programs by leveraging employee social media networks, activating your most credible, motivated and consistent brand ambassadors.

Drive adoption and sustain impact by making it fun, rewarding and focused on outcomes.

The QUEsocial platform applies game mechanics to drive and sustain behavior. The game engine makes it easy, fun and “sticky” so that employees fold social media into their every day work streams in a natural way.

Create a direct link between social activity and business outcomes by integrating with salesforce.com, Workday, recruiting tools and other enterprise software.

Track new sales, hires, referrals, business cycles and other business metrics by linking QUEsocial with existing CRM, ERP, ATS, LMS and other tools. If you don’t use them, QUEsocial has a built-in method for tracking business outcomes.


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